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Healing Ministry

‘By his wounds we are healed’ and

‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed’,

are two verses from the Bible that encapsulate the aspiration of Peterborough’s Diocesan Healing Ministry, for it is indeed the incarnate Jesus Christ who heals. And as disciples of Jesus Christ, we are his body, hands, feet and eyes in the world, called to share God’s love and compassion through the ministry of healing.

Revd Amanda Cuthbertson
As the newly appointed Diocesan Advisor for the Healing Ministry, my vision is to work collaboratively with the Diocesan Healing Ministry Team, in raising a greater awareness of the Healing Ministry within the churches and chaplaincies throughout the diocese, with prayer, the offering of relevant training and the sharing of local and national, liturgical, devotional and educational resources.

I believe the Healing Ministry is not a sideline of the Church’s ministry and mission, but an integrated part of it, for it was at the heart of Jesus’ own ministry and teaching, as found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Through the sacraments of Holy Communion, anointing and absolution; the prayer ministry of the laying-on-of-hands, pastoral care, intercession, blessing, and listening, the Church administers Christ’s healing in the power of the Holy Spirit, and by the grace of God, transforms individual lives to be one with God and one with another.

The purpose of the Diocesan Healing Ministry Team and this webpage is to help further equip the clergy and the laity in administering the healing ministry with love and care, and to do so, safely and appropriately.

Below is a list of books, which give biblical, historical and personal overviews of the Healing Ministry; of its development and examples of practice.

  • A Time to Heal, Church House Publishing 2000
  • Forward in Healing, Grove Books Ltd 2004
  • God Heals Today!  Charles May, available from email:
  • Healing, Francis McNutt. Hodder and Stoughton 1991
  • Healing and Deliverance, John Woolmer Monarch Books 1999
  • The Wounded Healer, Henri J.M. Nouwen DLT 1994                                                                          
  • The Church’s Healing Ministry, David Atkinson Canterbury Press 2011 

The Diocesan Healing Ministry adheres to the Peterborough Diocesan Safeguarding Guidelines and the
House of Bishop’s Guidelines for the Good Practice of the Deliverance Ministry 1975 (Revised 2012)
If you would like to know more please contact:


If you are concerned about any unusual, puzzling or troubling incidents please contact the Bishop’s office:
01733 562492, and an experienced priest will respond sensitively and confidentially.