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Sermons, talks and articles by Bishop Donald

Follow the links below to download the documents and audio files listed.

Bishop's Bible Day 2018

Bishop Donald’s sermons from the Bible Days were focused on St Paul. The first talk was mainly on Galatians, while the second dealt mainly with Romans. You can listen to the talks here:

2017 Diocesan Minister’s Conference 

Click here for the Peterborough Diocese YouTube Channel, where you can watch some of the talks from the conference.

The next Diocesan Minister's Conference will be in 2020.

Presidential Address, Diocesan Synod 17th March 2018

Download or listen - MP3

Roadshows 2017

Bishop Donald has recorded three 8-9 minute videos, summarising the longer talks he gave at the Roadshows earlier this year.  Parishes and individuals are encouraged to make use of them.

1) The Church - Vision


2) The Church - Realism


3) The Church - Confidence



 Letter to Clergy 22

01 March 2018




Bishop Donald’s morning address, LLM Day 23rd September 2017

Download or listen - MP3




Bishop Donald’s afternoon sermon, LLM Day 23rd September 2017

Download or listen - MP3

 Letter to Clergy 21

04 August 2017



Bishop Donald’s speech in the House of Lords on mental health

29 June 2017



Presidential Address, Diocesan Synod 25th March 2017

Download audio file  

or download here




     Bishop's Bible Day 18 March 2017

 Talk One Download audio file  

  Talk Two Download audio file  



  or download Talk One here

       download Talk Two here

 Letter to Clergy 20

25 May 2017




 Letter to Clergy 19

1 February 2017




 Thy Kingdom Come

Reference to this in the letter to Clergy 19



Bishop Donald's sabbatical study

Summer 2016



6 January 2017  Bishop Donald's Visitation Charge to Peterborough Cathedral


 Bishop Donald's Christmas message




Letter to clergy 18

01 November 2016



Statement from Bishop Donald

22 July 2016



Letter to clergy 17

01 June 2016





Presidential Address, Diocesan Synod 19th March 2016

Download or listen - MP3



Letter to clergy 16

01 October 2015




Presidential Address, Diocesan Synod 12th September 2015

Download or listen - MP3


Letter to clergy 15

29 July 2015



MP3Presidential Address, Diocesan Synod 21th March 2015

Download or listen - MP3




MP3Bishop's Bible Day, 14 March 2015

Talk 1 - MP3 audio file

Talk 2 - MP3 audio file




Letter to clergy 14

27 February 2015




Bishop's Roadshow



MP3Presidential Address, Diocesan Synod 13th Sept 2014

Download or listen - MP3


MP3Sermon at Surgrave

MP3Celebration of Ministry 7 June 2014


Letter to clergy 13

28 April 2014




MP3Bishop's Bible Day, 1 March 2014

Talk 1 - MP3 audio file

Talk 2 - MP3 audio file



Letter to clergy 12

28 January 2014




Letter to clergy 11

13 September 2013



Presidential address to Diocesan Synod

7 September 2013






Thinking about rich and poor

Magazine Resource article, September 2013



BBC Radio Cambridgeshire logo

Bishop Donald interviewed on
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Sunday Breakfast with Suzie Roberts. Sunday 6-9am.


MP3Interviewed by Susie Roberts, August 2013


   Supporting overseas mission

    Magazine Resource article, July 2013




The meaning of marriage

A talk given at Christ the King Church, Kettering, 16 June 2013. 

The talk is continuous but is divided into two because of the size of the files.

Download part 1     Download part 2

   Clergy and laity together

    Magazine Resource article, May 2013



Bishop's Bible Day, 9 March 2013


Talk 1 - MP3 audio file (14MB)

Talk 2 - MP3 audio file * (6MB)
* Note: Due to technical problems, this talk begins in the middle. We hope to upload the first half of the talk as a separate file soon.

Letter to clergy 10

27 February 2013


Money and growth

Magazine Resource article, March 2013


The Bishop's charity

A leaflet describing the Bishop's charity. From January 2013 donations will be made to specific projects in the Diocese of Bungoma