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Archive: Sermons, talks, articles by Bishop Donald

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MP3Sermon at Sulgrave


MP3Celebration of Ministry

Sermon in Peterborough Cathedral June 7th 2014

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Kind and gentle death?

Magazine Resource article, October 2012


Clergy Day, 15 November 2012

MP3Talk 1

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MP3Talk 2

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The world turns ...

Magazine Resource article, October 2012


Building fellowship through Holy Land pilgrimage

Magazine Resource article, July 2012


Joint statement with Bishop John regarding women bishops

July 2012


Money and Marriage

Magazine Resource article, April 2012


Maundy Thursday sermon

5 April 2012

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Bible Day talks

March 2012

Talk 1 Download as .pdf file

Talk 2 Download as .pdf file


Talk 1 Download as MP3 audio file

Talk 2 Download as MP3 audio file

Waiting with God

Magazine Resource article, February 2012


The heart of Christianity

May 2011


Rural Churches can grow

February 2011