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Strategy and Leadership Committee

The Strategy and Leadership Committee of the DBE will comprise:

  • Chair of the DBE (Ex-officio)
  • 9 members of the DBE including the following:
  • a representative of Bishop's Visitors
  • Headteacher (Primary)
  • Member of a Governing body (Primary)
  • Member of a Governing body (Secondary)



  • Headteacher (Secondary)
  • Chair of Governors


The responsibilities of the committee will include:

                 School Instruments of Governance

    • Schools Admissions and Appeals
    • Foundation governor appointments
    • Senior church school staff appointments
    • Induction support for new headteachers
    • reviewing SLA and Training programme
    • School Organisation : Diocesan strategy for educational settings
    • oversight of pastoral support for schools


Delegated powers :

  • Appointment and re-appointment of foundation Governors
  • Appointment of Bishop's Visitors
  • Approval of School Admissions' Policies


Officers supporting this committee:

Mr Peter Cantley (Diocesan Director of Education)

Revd Peter French (Deputy Diocesan Director of Education)

Mrs Liz Youngman (Assistant Diocesan Director of Education)

Revd Doug Spenceley (Bishop's Vicar for Church Schools)