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School Standards and Effectiveness Committee

The Standards and Effectiveness Committee comprises:

  • The Chair of the Board of Education (Ex-officio)

  • Five elected DBE members, including two lay and three clergy members elected by Synod

  • Two DBE associate members – DSC and SIAMS

The Board also agreed that the committee should allocate six co-options as follows:

  • RE adviser from an LA

  • RE/CW co-ordinator (Primary School)

  • Cathedral Education Officer

  • Headteacher (Primary)

  • Headteacher (Academy)

  • Chair of Governors

The remit of the committee is to oversee the work of the Officers of the Board in response to the Action Plan. This includes:

  • Monitoring the performance of schools (Data and OfSTED reports)

  • Oversight of the DSC programme

  • Analysis of Denominational Inspection reports

  • Monitoring of the SIAMS Inspector list

  • Church School curriculum

  • Supporting Religious Education and Collective Worship in schools

  • Supporting the work of the SACREs

  • Supporting the development of Church school distinctiveness and effectiveness through the curriculum

  • Oversight of Diocesan Church school events

  • Supporting the Cathedral Education Centre

Delegated powers

  • To assist the DDE in the appointment of Denominational Inspectors (as required)

  • To assist the DDE in the appointment of Diocesan School Support Consultants (as required)

  • Agreeing the Diocesan training programme

The Officers supporting this committee are:

  • Mr Peter Cantley (Diocesan Director of Education)

  • Assistant Diocesan Director of Education (position currently vacant)

  • Revd Peter French (Deputy Diocesan Director of Education)

  • Bishop's Vicar for Church schools (position currently vacant)

  • Mr Andrew Lakatos (Schools Effectiveness Advisor)

  • Mrs Lesley Pollard (RE and Collective Worship Advisor)