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School Standards and Effectiveness Committee

The Standards and Effectiveness Committee comprises:

  • The Chair of the Board of Education (Ex-officio)
  • Five Elected DBE members including two lay and three clergy members elected by synod
  • Two DBE associate members - DSC and SIAMS


 The Board also agreed that the committee should allocate 6 co-options as follows:

  • RE adviser from an LA
  • RE/CW co-ordinator (Primary School)
  • Cathedral Education Officer
  • Headteacher (Primary)
  • Headteacher (Academy)
  • Chair of Governors


The remit of the committee is to oversee the work of the Officers of the Board in response to the Action Plan.

This includes :

  • Monitoring the performance of schools (Data and OfSTED reports)
  • Oversight of the DSC programme
  • Analysis of Denominational Inspection reports
  • Monitoring of the SIAMS Inspector list
  • Church School Curriculum
  • Supporting Religious Education and Collective Worship in schools
  • Supporting the work of the SACREs
  • Supporting the development of church school distinctiveness and effectiveness through the curriculum
  • Oversight of diocesan church school events
  • Supporting the Cathedral Education Centre


Delegated powers

  • To assist the DDE in the appointment of Denominational Inspectors (as required)
  • To assist the DDE in the appointment of Diocesan School Support Consultants (as required)
  • Agreeing the diocesan training programme


The Officers supporting this committee are:

Mr Peter Cantley (Diocesan Director of Education)

Mrs Liz Youngman (Assistant Diocesan Director of Education)

Revd Peter French (Deputy Diocesan Director of Education)

Revd Doug Spenceley (Bishop's Vicar for Church schools)

Mr Andrew Lakatos (Schools Effectiveness Advisor)

Mrs Lesley Pollard (RE & Collective Worship Advisor)