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Resource Management Committee


  • The Chair of the DBE (Ex-officio)

  • Five members of the DBE

The Board agreed that RM should allocate three co-options as follows:

  • An LA officer – (when requested)

  • Headteacher

  • Chair of Governors

The responsibilities of the Committee are:

  • Overseeing the Church School Trusts

  • Preparing a strategic plan for the provision of schools

  • Maintaining a Local Policy Statement on the prioritisation of founding of school capital projects (LCVAP)
  • Overseeing the developments on Church school sites

  • Allocating Diocesan support for school developments

  • Administering the Section 554 Trust Fund

  • Resource generation

  • Monitoring the preparation and execution of the DBE budget

  • Administering the Schools Devolved Formula Capital Fund

Delegated powers:

  • Landlord's Approval for school building projects

  • Approval of DFC funded projects

  • Prioritisation of LCVAP projects

The Committee is supported by:

  • Mr Peter Cantley (Diocesan Director of Education)

  • Revd Peter French (Deputy Diocesan Director of Education)

  • Mr Mark Bedford (Schools Finance Officer)