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What Christians believe

A Christian is someone who has found God in and through Jesus. They have a personal relationship with God, who they understand as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With Christians around the globe, they seek to understand and live out this relationship through the Church in the world.

The Father is the creator and sustainer of the creation; he made us, loves us and wants us to be in relationship with him for all eternity.

The Son, Jesus, lived in human history in Israel 21 centuries ago. In his life, death and resurrection he opened the Kingdom of God to all people who come to him. He equips us to understand God, and to make sense of our lives and relationships.

The Holy Spirit comes to equip and encourage Christians in their relationship with God and in their lives in the world. He brings gifts and spiritual insights so that others may encounter God's love in Jesus.

Through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Christians are called to worship God together, to love everyone and to be agents of transformation. They believe that it is not God's will that there should be poverty, injustice and suffering, and that he wishes everyone to enter into the Kingdom of God through Jesus.

You can find out more about the Christian faith by contacting your local church using the box on the right, or by following the link below.

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First Steps in the Christian Life

The Ven. Richard Ormston has produced four short six minute talks, click on the blue buttons below to listen to the recordings.


Is there a God?


Who is Jesus?


What is a Christian?


How Do I Pray?







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