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Conflict Conversations

A free and confidential service to all clergy, lay ministers and churchwardens.

Conflict is common, in the church as in everyday life. Having a companion to walk alongside you, as you navigate difficult situations in parish life, has proved helpful for some people. 

This can be a simple one-to-one ‘sounding board’ conversation, off the record, discerning the situation and exploring possible ways forward – in a parish relationship or in the face of a difficult meeting.

It could be an informal third-party facilitation of a conversation between two people or groups who find themselves in conflict.

It might be a more formal mediation, with agreed outcomes.

Our aim is to :

  • help you understand what is happening in the conflict and your own response to it;
  • help you to avoid the escalation of a conflict situation;
  • enable healing as early as possible in yourself and the relationship;
  • help you and your church grow through this experience


We are not offering counselling, but a short accompaniment through a time of conflict or raised anxieties, when it may be difficult to know where else to turn. There are different levels of conflict, and often the longer something is left, the more difficult it can be to resolve. Do contact us sooner rather than later.

We can be contacted by email or phone, to talk or to arrange a meeting.


How to contact us:



01933 314750

Sheila :

 01788 822794





Conflict conversations – what we offer


  • To listen without judgment


  • To help you explore your own feelings and thoughts about the situation


  • To help you understand what’s happening by mapping out the situation


  • To help you understand others in the situation


  • To help you discern what is your responsibility and what is not


  • To help you work out how to exercise your leadership in a way that is authentic, appropriate and effective


  • To help you explore possible ways forward


  • To help to facilitate Christ-centred healing and reconciliation


  • To maintain confidentiality (with the exception of any issues relating to Safeguarding)


An exploratory one-to-one conversation

- with one of us 

A facilitated conversation

  • between you and someone else
  • or between two groups in your parish


A formal mediation

  • between two people
  • - or between two groups of people