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Meet the Church schools team

Most of the Board of Education staff are based at:

Bouverie Court, 6 The Lakes, Bedford Road, Northampton NN4 7YD

01604 887006 

Peter Cantley

Diocesan Director of Education

The Director of Education is the Bishop's Adviser on statutory education and is responsible to the Board of Education for the Church schools in the diocese. The Director is secretary to the Diocesan Board of Education and has a statutory responsibility with matters concerning Church schools such as changes of status, creating new schools and academies and managing the Church schools team.

The Director also co-ordinates a range of services to schools including advice on school administration, curriculum development (RE and CW), site development and the appointment of head and deputy head teachers. He also liaises with the three LAs (Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Rutland) in the diocese, as well as with the DfE and the national Church of England Education Office (National Society).

01604 887062


Doug SpenceleyDoug Spenceley

Bishop’s Vicar for Church Schools (part-time)

The Reverend Doug Spenceley provides spiritual and pastoral support for Church schools whose parish currently has no parish priest.

This may include help at times of significant difficulty or stress, contribution to collective worship and RE, and helping to maintain and foster strong links with the local parish church.

He is also available to assist members of the parish church in developing and sustaining good quality links with their church school. This may include meeting with church wardens, PCC and member of the congregation, some leading of church worship and training.

01604 887006


Liz Youngman

Deputy Diocesan Director of Education

The Deputy DDE supports the Director in responsibilities for church schools in the Diocese which includes managing the Service Level Agreement and training programmes.  She is SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) Manager and leads for the Diocese in the appointment of school leaders.

01604 887039



Lesley Pollard

RE and CW Adviser

Lesley works part time from the Bouverie Court offices. She:

  • provides support and advice to school in developing their Christian distinctiveness
  • Lead training and developing resources for schools in relation to CW and RE


01604 887006


Mak BedfordMark Bedford

Schools' Finance Officer

Mark Bedford co-ordinates the school site development projects on behalf of the Board of Education. He is based at the Diocesan Office in Peterborough. He:

  • Manages the DBE budget
  • Supports schools on the use of their devolved capital and LCVAP
  • Liaises with architects and contractors for school building projects

The Board has an Approved list of Architects and Consultants. All schools undertaking site development should submit designs for outline approval by the Board.

All schools wishing to use the Diocesan Building services should consult the notes in School Site Developments.

01733 887021



Helen Buckley

Helen Buckley

DBE Legal Advisor

Helen is based at the Diocesan Office in Northampton and works part time in the office. She:

  • Advises the DBE on legal matters relating to Academies and Conversions
  • Liaises with legal teams and LAs concerning DBE property, land registration and transfer
  • works with the Director and Deputy Director on the legal matters to do with school governance


01604 887073

Alex Benoy

Education Administrator

01604 887060