The Growing Faith Adventure Clergy Study Day

Growing Faith is the movement that exists to put children, young people and families instinctively at the heart of the mission and ministry of the Church. It seeks to involve churches, schools and households working together to help children, young people and families have life in all its fullness. The Growing Faith Adventure, supported by the Growing Faith Foundation, seeks to benefit children and young people, helping them create the world they want to live in, specifically through the lens of the Christian faith.

During the Clergy Study Day we heard from children and young people; sharing how we as clergy are connecting with school and home; considering the theology and aspiration behind Growing Faith; hearing from Lucy Moore (Growing Faith Foundation) and meeting those who can partner and resource us in our Growing Faith Partnerships. 


Introduction to Growing Faith by Lucy Moore 

Watch an introductory video by the Head of Growing Faith, Lucy Moore.

Growing Faith Guide and Reflection Booklet 

Click on the heading above to download a pdf version of the guide and reflection booklet given out on the day.

Growing Faith Directory 

Click on the heading above to download a pdf version of the directory of all our deaneries and what Growing Faith ministry is taking place there. 

Growing Faith Clergy Study Day Feedback Results

Click on the heading above to download a pdf version of the Clergy Study Day feedback results. 

Nature knows His name

A poem composed for the day by Breannah Holton, King's School Poet Laureate.

Creases in the fold of the sky,
Jesus doesn't hide away from those.
The hidden matters of the mind reflected within the eyes,
Jesus doesn't hide away from those.
The delicate sobs half silent and exhausted sighs,
Jesus doesn't hide away from those.
Resurrected and victorious, from dirt he rose,
Jesus is where beauty and truth and living water flows.
He doesn't hide away from those,
who need, plead, he will bleed for them.
And where the river flows, where the spirit is, 
where truth thrives and flourishes, 
and in the temple there is no day or dusk, 
the call of God is upon all of us.
He is in the temple calling us back to Him
He is on the mountain of Zion, but can also reside within.
Where shall I look, where shall I go?
Where do these bellies of living water flow?
Where can I find this love, that knows no bounds and 
administers forgiveness?
Surely you know He is in the Temple, 
surely you know he is at His Father's business.


Growing Faith Partners

Prayer Spaces in Schools


Project Touchline


Mission Support


Scripture Union


Messy Church

Parenting for Faith



Kitchen Table Project


Kitchen Table Project



Action for Happiness



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