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Diocesan Library Catalogue

You can view the catalogue for the Diocesan Library as an Excel spreadsheet by following this link:

Diocesan Library catalogue 





Using the catalogue

There are over 8,000 resources to browse.

Books and resources are listed by category and for a list see the first sheet - Book Classes - of the spreadsheet. The second sheet is a schematic of the library.


You can search the catalogue - the second sheet, Library Catalogue - of the spreadsheet by:

  • Using the "Find" function in Excel and entering, for example, a key part of the book's title

  • Using the "Filter" keys to view books by a specific author, in a specific category

  • Scrolling through the spreadsheet to view the categories of interest to you


The Loan Status column shows whether the book is likely to be I (in) or L (out on loan).

The Diocesan Library catalogue is usually updated once a week.

Books can be borrowed for up to 3 months, and for longer by prior arrangement with the librarian. Items are booked out in a register - please include contact details in case we need to chase! 


Library opening times and contact details can be found here







If you would like to donate any books …


 … we would be very interested in talking to you. Please send details to


Library space may be limited, but we will always arrange with you a mutually convenient time to view your books.