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Book recommendations and reviews

The Faith at Work team has reviewed a number of books on the subject of living out the fullness of the gospel in our everyday lives, especially in work-related settings.  Our list of book recommendations is sorted into three categories.

  1. Setting the scene contains a selection of books that remind us of the importance to God of what we do after church on Sunday and how we can live out our faith in the different aspects of our everyday lives.

  2. At Work offers a range of books that can help us live a faith-filled approach to work and adopt a Christian approach to workplace issues.

  3. Helpful advice suggests some books on a) Leading a whole-life disciplemaking church and b) Growing the confidence to share our faith and/or answer questions from our colleagues.

We are continuing to review books and articles, including a selection of books suggested by Westcott House Theological College.

The Roman Catholic Church has published a number of encyclicals that speak of the theology of work.  One of our team has reviewed them and produced a helpful short summary - "The theological basis of the meaning of work from a Roman Catholic perspective".

We have also started to research and review books that explore faith at work in a rural setting.  This includes a selection of books suggested by Arthur Rank Centre.  For more information on the Arthur Rank Centre and its resources for churches in rural areas, visit