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Being a disciple at work

Christians in Secular Ministry. CHRISM is an association for all Christians who see their secular employment as a primary field of Christian ministry and for those who would support and encourage that vision.

The Alban Institute. Congregational resources guide, comprising articles on different aspects of faith / church / work involvement.

Industrial Christian Fellowship. Excellent site for ideas, material and other links; yearly prayer calendar, prayers and worship; downloadable articles for church magazines; very useful short booklets.

London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. Founded by John Stott to equip Christians to make a radical difference for Christ in the contemporary world - workplaces, neighbourhoods, schools & colleges. Free bi-weekly emails: Connecting with Culture and Word for the Week on work/world issues, making faith connections. Plus adverts for their courses and publications.

South Yorkshire Workplace Chaplaincy. Downloadable occupational prayer cycle, for use in church each week of the year.

Articles and Forum, plus info on current workplace fellowships, meetings, nationwide events and links to professional Christian fellowships.

Helping people to integrate spirituality with their work. (To be renamed WorkTalk in Spring 2008, so watch for possible change in website name).