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Bishop's Bible Day Notes

The theme for the annual Bishop's Bible Day in Northampton on Saturday 9 March 2013 was Faith at Work.  In his opening address, Bishop Donald made it clear that "work" should not be defined narrowly as what someone pays us to do.  It should encompass all activities that contribute to the wellbeing of community, family and church life.

Follow the links below to find out more about the 2013 Bishop's Bible Day and to draw on the workshop resources.

All work is part of discipleship, says Bishop

This is the title of the article published shortly after the Bishop's Bible Day.  It provides a brief overview of the day and a summary of Bishop Donald's two biblical expositions.

Audio files of Bishop Donald's talks can be found at:

Pointing to Jesus at work

Andrew Walker led a workshop session on living out your Christian faith in the workplace with the help of the Ten Commandments.  His workshop handout includes further pointers and links to useful on-line resources.

Workshop handout

Hubris, complexity and the myth of talent...

Getting things done

Miles Baker chose an intriguing title for his workshop session, which draws on a book by John C Maxwell called "Talent is never enough".

Workshop handout

Life through a Lens

Connecting life and faith at the movies

Jonathan Baker led a workshop session exploring how to "use" film in sermons or teaching.  He writes...  

"Clearly many films can illustrate Christian truth and as a means of communication film clips can be used in the same way as one might quote from a novel or a poem.  However, my main aim was to engage with film as an art form in its own right, which for some was a bit of a surprise, requiring us to listen and receive from the film before jumping in with Biblical parallels etc, which if done prematurely has a distorting effect and may actually prevent us from taking seriously the world views which are in circulation outside the Church.  For me, the value of this is that it encourages us to relate faith to the whole of life and not just to things which are overtly religious; comparing stories is a way of opening up the gospel and discovering new things in it without assuming we have all the answers to start off with."

Workshop handout

Ministry to the Elderly

Liz Kelly led a workshop session exploring how to improve our ministry to the elderly.

Workshop handout

Useful resources

Retired? or Re-Tyred?

Sheila Addison led a workshop session exploring God's call to the retired to be "re-tyred".  The workshop summary provides an overview of the discussions and suggests some Bible passages for personal reflection.

Workshop handout

Unemployment - offering hope, building resilience

David Wiseman recommends the following book...

Bothered & Bewildered

Enacting Hope in Troubled Times

by Ann Morisy

Publisher: Continuum (2011)

ISBN:  9 78 1847 064806

RRP:  £13.00





Bishop Donald speaking