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Faith at work

Our Father in heaven is interested in all aspects of our life, not just the time that we spend in church each week.  Each Sunday, we are sent out in the power of the Holy Spirit to live and work to God’s praise and glory.

It isn’t easy to live 100% of every day in the light of God’s love. The challenges, temptations and busyness of today’s world make it hard sometimes to remember that God loves us and that we should continually be reflecting this love in the way we live our lives - at home, at work and at leisure.

About the Faith at Work team

We are a team of volunteers from across the diocese that have come together, under the support and guidance of Bishops Donald and John, to help the people of the diocese live out the fullness of the gospel in their varied occupations with the support and encouragement of their ministry teams.  "Work" covers a wide range of settings and situations, for example:

  • Offices, shops, factories and hospitals
  • Farms and fisheries
  • Road, sea and air travel
  • Homes, both our own and other people's
  • Training and preparation for future employment
  • The search for paid work
  • Volunteering at church and in the community

Through our research, review and development of resources, we aim to reflect the diversity of situations, experiences and needs of today's workplaces and employment situations. 

Faith at Work resources

We have compiled an initial set of resources.  Our research is ongoing, so we will continue to update these pages, adding fresh ideas, articles of interest and additional recommendations.  We would be delighted to receive offers of help and feedback on the resources, and to hear about your experiences in this area.  Our contact details are shown below.



See also the Being a Disciple at Work course.

Faith at Work research

Over the next twelve months, we will be researching, developing and recommending resources on the following topics.

  • Bible Studies for small groups
  • Caring for family members
  • Discussion groups
  • Imagine Church
  • Legal perspectives on Faith at Work
  • Lent and Advent resources
  • Liturgy
  • Living and working in rural areas
  • Redundancy
  • Setting up workplace groups
  • Voluntary work

 If you would like to be involved in one or more of the above topics, we would love to hear from you.

Contact the Faith at Work team

Do you feel called by the Holy Spirit to join the Faith at Work team?

Do you have examples of best practice and/or resources that you would recommend to the Faith at Work team?

To find out more about Faith at Work or to provide ideas to the team, please contact:

John MacMahon – or 01280 703791

Katrina Hutchins – or 07710 464675

A forever loving God

A forever loving God, within our hearts lives deep
A forever caring God, a shepherd for his sheep
A forever knowing God, who with kindness will teach
A forever present God, who is never out of reach

Whatever you are doing, whether at work, rest or play
God is aware of where you are, and is never far away
God watches over you, morning, noon and night
No matter how dark it gets, you are always in his sight

Give some time to God today, in thoughts, actions and deeds
And reflect upon his love for us, helping our spiritual needs
Guiding us to a better life, God lights the path to follow
Sharing faith in his love, he leads us towards tomorrow.

Jenny Lunn