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Sermons and talks

We are looking for good examples of sermons and talks that can be made available on this website.  If you have examples that you would like to share with us, please send them through to the Faith at Work team.

The following websites contain work related articles, recordings, readings and reflections.

Richard Beadon Lectures

Richard Beadon's legacy is designed to encourage our commitment to live out our Christian faith on the front line of our everyday lives.

Richard Beadon Inaugural Lecture 4 July 2015 (PDF)

Culture Changers (PDF)

Industrial Christian Fellowship (ICF)

The ICF website offers a monthly, downloadable resource called Professions of Faith that contains a workplace theme for each Sunday of the month based on the Lectionary readings.

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC)

The LICC website offers a wide range of resources for clergy and laity use, including a support network for “workplace pray-ers” (PrayerWorks) and two weekly e-mail services with inspirational reflections i) on bible passages (Word for the Week) and ii) on the world of business, the arts, education, politics and entertainment (Connecting with Culture).

After Sunday

The After Sunday website offers a range of practical resources for small group and personal use, including After Sunday Stories (in the Vocation in Practice section) where people from a cross section of occupations and workplaces talk about how their faith and work link together.  The Stories aim to explore the day-to-day realities of living out one’s faith at work.