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Work related prayers

We have prepared a booklet of work-related prayers, for use in church, at home and at work.  It can be printed as an A5 booklet (standard print) or in A4 format (large print), either in black & white or colour.  You can also include prayers from the booklet in church resources and publications, such as weekly newssheets, monthly magazines, or your websites, etc.

Each Monday, the diocesan cycle of prayer includes a work-related topic and, where space permits, a short prayer.  A copy of the complete 2013 Cycle of Work-related Prayers can be downloaded and used in Sunday morning intercessions, during the Daily Offices, in personal prayer, etc.

The following websites are also useful sources of work-related prayers.

Industrial Christian Fellowship (ICF) -

After Sunday-

STETS (a Ministerial Training college in Salisbury) -

We will continue to add to the collection of work-related prayers.  If you have examples that you would like us to include, please send them through to the Faith at Work team.

Creator God,

thank you for the gifts and graces

of human hearts and minds;

for insight and imagination;

for curiosity and research;

for creativity and dexterity;

for compassion and understanding;

which help to make our workplaces

fulfilling places to be.