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Diocesan Synod

Diocesan Synod meets two or three times a year. Follow these links for an account of recent Diocesan Synod meetings:

Listen to the 2018 Diocesan Synod Presidential Address from 18 March. 

Diocesan Synod Presidential Address – 25 March 2017

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Diocesan Synod Presidential Address September 2016 (pdf)

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Deanery Synod

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General Synod

The General Synod is the national assembly of the Church of England.

Form of return of election result 2018 (pdf)

General Synod Election result 2015


Food Waste

General Synod Diocesan Synod Motion

Note from Secretary General


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Please click on each name below to read their election address:



The Revd Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani Dr Nigel Aston
The Revd Mark Lucas Liz Holdsworth
The Revd James Mowbray Sarah Mowbray
The Revd Stephen Trott Peter Nancarrow
  Andrew Presland
  Guy Torrance