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Healing ministry

As the 20th century theologian Hans Kung wrote in his book, On being a Christian, ‘God’s Kingdom is creation healed’. This quote helps us understand that Christ’s healing has cosmic significance and impact, for Christ’s healing is for the salvation of the world, which begins with the healing of a person. As followers of Jesus Christ and like his first disciples and the apostles, the Church is sent out to proclaim the Kingdom of God by healing the sick, curing the diseased and casting out demons in the 21st century.

My role as the Bishop’s Advisor for the Healing Ministry, is to promote a wider understanding of the healing ministry, based on theological and scientific knowledge of it, and the safe and appropriate practice of it, in the churches the clergy and laity serve, and to be administered with Christ-like compassion and love. Churches are a community where people can be present to one another, establishing a relationship of trust, which contributes towards a person’s healing to wholeness, along with any other professional medical care and support, a person may be receiving.

There is currently a lot of media interest in Mental Health at this time, and a vital one it is too in a society in which family and work lives are pressured and dispersed.  So, it seemed the right time to organize a day on Mental Health and Healing and Ministry in the Diocese.  So last month (October 2019) the Diocesan Healing Ministry group supported the St Andrew’s Healthcare Chaplaincy in planning and holding such a day.  It looked at how the Church’s healing ministry might respond to mental illness, included positive personal stories of the Church’s role, and gave  some Biblical and theological input, plus practical advice and suggestions, as well as lots of information about where to access help.

The Revd Judy Evans (Vicar of St Alban the Martyr, Northampton), has written produced a course that can be used by a parish/local church to explore and raise an awareness of the healing ministry. The course aims to provide a general foundation to the Christian Ministry of Healing. It is a new course but is heavily reliant on the work of the Rev’d Roger Vaughan – retired Healing Ministry Advisor for Lichfield Diocese who wrote a course called ‘Saints Alive! Healing in the Church’ published in 1990 by Anglican Renewal Ministries and republished in 2002, by Kingsway Communications Ltd, and used with his permission.
The course purposely does not discuss in any detail the Ministry of Deliverance.
Please click on the Resources and Contacts tab to download the course.

Do also look at the Guild of Health and St Raphael’s website to find out more about its Healthy Healing Hub (HHH) project to be launched in June 2020, a project that will allow churches to look at healing as a missional opportunity.

The Diocesan Healing Ministry adheres to the Peterborough Diocesan Parish Safeguarding Handbook Guidelines October 2018 and the House of Bishop’s Guidelines for the Good Practice of the Deliverance Ministry 1975 (Revised 2012)


Deliverance Ministry
If you are concerned about any unusual, puzzling or troubling incidents please contact the Bishop’s office: 01733 562492, and an experienced priest will respond sensitively and confidentially.


Revd Canon Mandy Cuthbertson