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Books & Journals


Developing a Healing Ministry

John Coles     2003

The Church’s Healing Ministry

David Atkinson   2011

Your Healing is Within You

Jim Glennon    1978
Power Healing                                                                   John Wimber   1986
Biblical, charismatic arguments for the practice of the Healing Ministry

Sacraments of Healing

Christopher Gower   2007

The Oil of Gladness: Anointing in the Christian Tradition

Martin Dudley & Geoffrey Rowell SPCK 1993

Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman   1996 

Dark Victory                                       

Martin Israel        1995 

Holy Listening

Margaret Guenther   1992

Spiritual Care in Practice

George Fitchet & Steve Nolan   2015


Francis MacNutt   1995

A catholic approach to the history and ministry of Christian healing

Christian Healing

Mark Pearson   1995

A systematic study of the history of healing and deliverance from the Gospels to the 20th century, with historic textual resources.

 Do not be Afraid – The Healing of Fear Michael Buckley   1995
A comprehensive exploration of fear  
 Healing and Deliverance John Woolmer    1999
A systematic study of the history of healing and deliverance from the Gospels to the 20th century, with historic textual resources

A Long Letting Go: Meditations on Losing Someone You Love

Marilyn Chandler McEntyre   2015


Anne Long  DLT 1990

God Heals Today!

Charles May    

A concise but comprehensive exploration of the Healing Ministry. 
Available from The Rev Charles May

16 Kilverstone, Werrington, Peterborough PE4 56DX

The Healing Light

Agnes Sanford Ballantine Books 1983

Healing Prayer, Francis MacNutt

  Doubleday Canada 1990

Healing, Francis McNutt, Hodder and Stoughton


The Power to Heal, Francis MacNutt

  Ave Maria Press  1977

Your Healing is Within You

John Glennon Hodder and Stoughton Ltd  1978

The Christian Healing Ministry

Morris Maddocks SPCK 1981

Healing Wounded History

Russ Parker  Longman and Todd  2001

Healing Dreams

Russ Parker   1988 (revised 1993) 

Healing Death’s Wounds

Michael Mitton and Russ Parker




George Hacker, The Healing Stream: Catholic Insights into the Ministry of Healing

  DLT 1998

God of Compassion

Gerard Hughes  DLT 1998

Healing Prayer

Barbara Leahy Shlemon Ave Maria Press 1976


Michael Perry SPCK 1987

Healing and Wholeness

John A Sanford Paulist Press 1977

Healing and Christianity

Morton Kelsey  Harper and Row  1973

Healing and Evangelism

Russ Parker & Roy Lawrence Triangle 1996

Offers helpful and practical ways to develop healing and evangelism in the church.

Healing of Memories

David A Seamands Victor Books 1985

Healing for damaged emotions

David A Seamands publisher David C Cook 2015

Wounds that Heal

Stephen Seamands Eagle publishing 2003

The Wounded Healer

Henri J.M. Nouwen DLT 1994

To Heal As Jesus Healed, Barbara Schleman, Dennis and Matthew Linn

  Ave Maria Press 1978

A Time to Heal

  Church House Publishing 2000

The Healing Power of Prayer

Bridget Meehan SPCK 1996

Making your Church a House of Healing

Michael Gemignani Judson Press 2008

The Circle of God’s Love

Paul Springate Dianthus publishing 2005

The Healing Team

Leo Thomas Paulist Press 1987

The Healing Reawakening

Francis MacNutt Chosen 2005

The Oil of Gladness

Martin Dudley & Geoffry Rowell SPCK 1993

Anointing in the Christian Tradition

You’ll Get Over It

Virginia Ironside Penguin Books 1996

A painful, honest and hopeful account of bereavement

Rediscovering a Ministry of Health

Helen Anne Wordsworth wipf-stock-publishers-publisher 2015

Healed, Restored, Forgiven

John Gunstone Canterbury Press 2013

Liturgies, prayers, readings for the ministry of healing.

The Miracles Stories of the Early Christian Tradition

Theiseen Gerd   1996 Philadelphia: Fortress

Health & Social Care Chaplaincy Journal




An academic journal on healing and faith from The Guild of Health and St Raphael