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Called to lay ministry

Do you feel that God could be calling you to serve in a deeper way within the church? You may be being drawn to explore one of the Licensed Lay Ministries. To help you discern the way forward, look through the links on the left of this page. Pray about it; talk with your incumbent and with others close to you.

If it still feels right, then contact the Lay Vocations Officer

You may have a particular direction in mind, or you may want to explore your calling in a more general way. You could be asked to see one of the Vocations Advisory Team who will help you to do this. Once it becomes clearer where your gifts are leading, you will be referred to the Warden of the relevant ministry who will go through the selection process with you. You can read about the different types of licensed lay ministry in our diocese here: Types of licensed lay ministry.

You will need a reference from your incumbent and the support of your PCC who contribute financially towards your training. There are also other ministry opportunities below which you might wish to think about or you could tap into the Living Faith modules as a way of deepening your knowledge and understanding of God’s purpose for the world. 

You can also look out for vocations events in the diocese (see the Events Calendar on the right of this page).

Types of Licensed Lay Ministry

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Documents to download

Discernment and application for Licensed Lay Ministry (pdf)