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Plain facts

Since 2002 nationally we have lost 1,000 clergy & 100,000 worshippers

40% of clergy nationally will retire in the next decade

In 2009 100 of this diocese’s 380 churches had single-figure attendances

We already have 15 more clergy than we did two years ago

Surveys suggest six to seven times the number of worshippers believe in God but do not join with us

42% say they’ve never been inside a church

The biblical standard for giving is 10% of income

The Church of England suggests giving 5% to the Church

Average giving to the Church in this Diocese is estimated at 3% of disposable income

Our vision for growth

In 2016, Bishop Donald presented a five-year vision for growth.

Watch the Bishop elaborate on this vision in the three short videos below:

1. What's Gone Wrong?

2. Can We Fix It?

3. How Much Will It Cost?

Maintaining a clergyperson = £63k

So this is what we're going to do:

  • We’re releasing £7 million from our reserves to pump-prime growth over the next five years, so that poorer parishes do not have to pay the full cost at once.

  • We’re paying for essential central services and the ministry of our specialist advisers and officers from
    reserves and other income; they are not a burden on parishes but a gift for you to benefit from.

  • We’ve already dropped our block buildings insurance scheme so that individual parishes can negotiate cheaper deals and save money.

  • You have been wonderful so far:
    Planned giving has increased by 5% in each of the past two years, and has increased 24% in the past five years! Thank you!

  • But we need to continue this increase, not least to replenish our reserves (which are needed to assist cash flow and for occasional capital costs). So Parish Share will need to increase by 5% for each of the next five years.
"If average giving in this Diocese went up to 5% of disposable income then we would have more than enough to pay for extra clergy"

Bishop Donald


Clergy numbers are growing – and we aim to recruit 30 extra stipendiary clergy in the next FIVE years.


   Are you ready for the challenge of                    growth in your parish?


If you want to show these videos in a venue where there is poor WiFi access, there are a limited number of DVDs available from the Bishop’s Office. Call 01733 562492 or email