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How to do Christmas in lockdown

Look at the links and videos below to find practical help and ideas for churches to do Christmas in this unusual COVID time.

Missed the 'How to do Christmas in lockdown' webinar?

If you missed the webinar on 'How to do Christmas in lockdown', or want to hear the talks again, look at the links below to the talks and workshops.

An introduction from Bishop John

The Bishop of Brixworth explains why doing Christmas in lockdown is so important.

Planning for Corona Christmas

‘How can we plan if we don’t know what will be happening?” Nolan Robson explains how this can be done.

Bringing the Church outdoors

Father Matthew Robinson outlines Stations of The Nativity, Advent Windows and other creative ideas.

How to decide what to do and not to do

Watch this talk by Revd Alison Twigg about prioritising your Christmas activities (using a traffic light system).

Download the details here.

Going online

Nick Clarke explains the few things you need to start pre-recording online services.

Using Zoom for worship

Nigel Bond explains how to organise online worship using Zoom.

How can we sing this Christmas?

Revd Cathy Brazier and Revd Roger Wood explain how we can do music and singing.

How to reach children, families and schools?

Canon Peter White and team share resources and ideas to reach children, families and schools.


Cathedral choir recordings

Peterborough Cathedral Choir has made a series of live recordings for parishes to use for their online Advent and Christmas services. You can find out more details about these recordings here.

Padlet board of resources

Visit this padlet for ideas and resources to help you plan your Christmas events.


CPAS resources

Visit the CPAS resources page for more ideas and resources.

Children and youth resources

Padlet of children's resourcesVisit this padlet for ideas and resources for children and young people.



Nativity Trail

Download this Nativity Trail resource pack for ideas on creating a trail around your community for children to follow.






The First Christmas Film

10 minute retelling of the Christmas story told with puppets, and how this can be used as a gift to primary schools'

Download the resource pack to use with the film.


Craft Bags

Download this booklet to accompany craft bags to encourage sharing faith around the Nativity story in the family’