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Leading Your Church Into Growth

LyCiG: A Great Way to Help Your Parish(es) Grow

A 4 day residential for a 'cockpit crew' consisting of clergy person and 3 or more lay leaders including:

• Developing a community of invitation and welcome
• Creating a plan for growth: tools and resources
• Telling our story and helping people meet Jesus
• Being and making disciples
• Developing worship that helps the church to grow

Followed by regular support from the Mission & Development team for you and your team.

“I really found the time away helpful, inspiring and with lots of practical ideas we can do in our parish. Having an external facilitator for our team is really useful.”

A 2019 participant.

How Do I Get Involved?

1. Gather a small group (ideally 3 or 4 lay leaders plus vicar)
2. One of those attending must represent children & youth
3. You and your team agree to meet on a 2-monthly basis for encouragement and support from the Mission &
    Development Team.

(If you want help selling it to your team do invite us to come out and explain it all to them)

At least 2 Subsidised Places

The Mission Team are so committed to helping church teams attend LyCiG that we will subsidise at least 2 places (and possibly more). Cost is usually £295 a head – a great investment in seeing your parish grow.

Click here for the Mission and Development Team contact us page.

Phase 1 – Deciding to do LyCiG

1. Identify possible Team Members
2. Invite Charlie Nobbs (or Mission Team) to come and explain it to you and team
3. Decide as a team / PCC to do Lycig and book your places

Phase 2 – Conference

4. Team attends conference and are inspired and given loads of ideas and help on how to go for growth in your
5. Spend time as a team getting to know each other better
6. Talk together about how these ideas could work in your context


Phase 3 – Putting it into action

7. Set dates for meeting up with Mission Team supporter (Every 2 months)
8. Decide on 2 or 3 key priorities
9. Draw up a 2 year plan to implement these priorities
10. Do it


Phase 4 – Review

11. Review progress every 2 months
12. Annual review and get together with other LyCiG parishes
13. End of year 2 review and assess how much difference it’s made


Credible, realistic, tried and tested.
Taught by people who lead in typical church situations.
Rich in content, engaging and  inspiring. Great handbook.

Dr Gordon Temple (Clipston Parish)

 The LyCiG 12 Steps

  A guide to the important factors and actions that lead to growth.
  (NB Can’t do them all at once!)



LyCiG Dates:

Check back soon for future dates


Check back soon for future dates