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Growth Action Plans and Parish Vision Days

A Mission Conversation

All members of the Mission and Development team are available, if you would like to have a preliminary conversation about the nature of mission in your context. We can be contacted through the Meet the Team section.


The diocese has a small team of people who can lead a Growth Action Planning day or a Vision day for your church or benefice. Usually on a Saturday, in your benefice, or a venue of your choice, this is
an opportunity to :

• review where your church is,
• reflect on how God is calling your church to grow and develop and engage in mission,
• begin to set priorities and plan towards those, over the next year, within a longer vision.

We know that one size does not fit all, so we offer a variety of approaches to enable you to find a shape that suits your church.

GAP – Growth Action Plan

A day for the whole church, or PCC or Ministry Team,
using three major interactive exercises – the first to review where you are now as a church; the second to explore where God is calling your church to be in five years time, and the third to begin to plan priorities and steps for the first year.
Click here to start your own Growth Action Plan

GAP Refresher

For churches which have done a GAP and would like to revisit their plans and progress, and renew their vision and priorities for the years ahead.



A reflective day aiming to provide a safe and peaceful space for people to slow down and ‘press pause’ together; cultivate the right conditions for a positive conversation about growing the Church; encourage natural and sustainable fruitfulness; enable vision to emerge out of rest and retreat. Using garden imagery, the day will consider Preparing the ground, Planting Seeds, Tending, Weeding and Pruning, and Taking Root, in the light of the national church’s Anecdote to Evidence report.

Pictures of the Church

A study course for small groups in four sessions, exploring what it means to be church:
Bride of Christ: our relationship with God; the
Body of Christ: our relationship with other Christians;
Light of the World: our relationship with the wider world;
Pilgrim people: the journey we make together.
Full course materials available for you to run in your own church

Seven Marks of a Healthy Church

A vision day set around the common characteristics of healthy churches,
taken from the Healthy Churches Handbook, by Robert Warren.
Energized by faith - rather than just keeping things going or trying to survive;
Outward-looking focus - with a ‘whole life’ rather than a ‘church life’ concern;
Seeks to find out what God wants - discerning the Spirit’s leading rather than trying to please everyone; Faces the cost of change and growth - rather than resisting change and avoiding failure; Operates as a community - rather than functioning as a club or religious organisation; Makes room for all - being inclusive rather than exclusive;
Does a few things and do them well - focused rather than frenetic.

The Angel of the Church

A series of exercises using images to explore the nature and spirit of your church, and how you believe God is calling your church to grow. Can be used in conjunction with other vision day formats, or on its own. Full set of laminated images and notes available, or a member of the team can lead it for you.

For more information on the different types of vision day available, and other sessions which can be arranged in conjunction with a GAP or Vision day, to chat through the options and to book a day, please contact: 01604 887053


Growth Action Plan

We are currently reviewing how best to deliver Growth Action Plans.  

We would welcome feedback from those who have done them and ongoing enquiries about plans, reviews and mission conversations. 

Please email