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Pioneer and New Initiatives Training Officer

Charlie NobbsCharlie Nobbs is our Pioneer and New Initiative Training Officer.  He's here to help parishes to find ways to connect to people who don't come to church.

Charlie is here to identify and support the pioneering type of people all across society.  He especially would like to identify lay people who are pioneering already - or who have pioneered in the past.

He is here to help with the new initiatives that are crucial for developing lay pioneer ministers in Peterborough Diocese, new initiatives that are developed 'on the ground' in the different parishes.

Part of what he does is develop training for clergy and lay people to develop their initiatives and to understand the pioneer mindset.  

Charlie is looking for your good news stories about your new initiatives in the diocese.

For more information about Pioneering and New Initiatives, contact Charlie at

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Lay Pioneer Certificate 2018-2019

For more details follow the link to the course brochure and application form below:
Lay Pioneer Certificate (PDF)


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