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Sharing Faith

Grow in confidence in sharing your faith, in three group sessions of 90 minutes each.

Can be used by a variety of church groups:

  • housegroups
  • PCCs
  • Advent / Lent groups
  • pastoral visiting teams
  • children’s & youth 
  • welcome team
  • Mothers’ Union groups

Designed to be run by you in your parish. All notes and booklets provided.
Does not require any leaders technology – just a group of people (eg. 6 – 12), the notes, Bibles, comfy chairs and a cup of coffee.

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trypraying booklets

A great booklet to give to non-Christian friends and church fringe.
Invites people to have a go at praying, guides them through the first few days,
and introduces the Christian faith.
Suggested use: Invite your church members each to pay for one, read it themselves and then pass it on to someone they’ve been praying for.
trypraying booklets available through the diocese @ 75p each.

App & other resources also available from:

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Bamboo cups

Our very own, diocesan-branded bamboo cups. £7.50 each
Each year, 100 billion single use coffee cups end up as landfill. Our 12oz reusable coffee cup is made with natural bamboo fibre – one of the world’s most sustainable resources. Fully dishwasher safe, suitable for hot and cold drinks, with a resealable ‘no-drip’ lid. (Not suitable for microwave.) Bring and re-use at diocesan events. Keep in the car. Great gifts for church members. Discounts & extra loyalty stamps at high-street coffee shops when you use your bamboo cup.

A great conversation-starter about caring for God’s creation.

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Cathedral & Diocese Linking with Thy Kingdom Come

Encouragement and training for sharing the gospel one-to-one with others.

Mission Training for church members
Wednesday 8th May at Peterborough Cathedral OR Tuesday 21st May in Northampton

Outreach event for inviting friends
Monday 10 June
Peterborough Cathedral at 7.30pm


The WordOne2One

John’s Gospel, in a series of user-friendly booklets, designed for church members to use one-to-one with non-Christian friends.
Also available at Bouverie: Discipleship Explored, Music4Today, Emmaus.

Six Ways of Witnessing through Work

A one-off session, to consider our work (whatever keeps us busy during the week) in the light of God’s Kingdom, and the variety of ways in which we can witness through what we do and how we do it. Available to download here, to run in your church. No technology needed. Can be adapted and followed up to suit.

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

What if where you are now really matters?

Check out this suite of resources and explore how you can make a difference wherever you are.  Includes a short DVD-based course. 

Also contact our Faith at Work group for support & resources for the workplace: John MacMahon:

Looking for a talk on being a disciple that will really raise your spirits, make you laugh, challenge, inspire and reassure? It’s here:

Neil Hudson, of the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, and also a local church minister for 30 years, gave this talk at the annual Richard Beadon Lecture in Thrapston in July. Enjoy. Pass it on. Talk about it in your ministry team, PCC, housegroup … then ask yourselves the question: What’s the real deal here?

Resources for making disciples

Bouverie Court Library in Northampton
has copies of several courses, for you to browse, borrow and use in your parish.
Open 9 am – 4pm Monday – Friday, NN4 7YD

START! course – introduces Christianity through six DVD based interactive, small-group sessions. Makes no assumptions about participants’ background or experience or knowledge of Christianity or the church. It really does start from scratch.

Life Explored

An informal course that allows participants to explore for themselves the claims of Jesus Christ. Combines short films – shot around the world – and Bible interaction. Helps uncover what we’re really living for and shows that the greatest pleasure in life is enjoying God himself.

Six Rs of Reconciliation

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has written the Six Rs of Reconciliation to reflect on as we continue to pray for peace, hope and reconciliation in our time:



Read and download the Six Rs here

Baptisms Matter

The Archbishops’ Council commissioned extensive

research to help find out why families choose to have

their children baptized, and why they might choose not to. It focused on baptisms of children under 12.    The research offered a basis on which new resources for churches could be developed to help them:

•    Attract more people to come to the church for baptism.
•    Build understanding of what the Church of England provides, and build understanding within the church
     about what families think about baptism in today’s culture.
•    Care so much that when do people do come, they want to come back.

Baptism is where we welcome a child into the family of God’s people, and rejoice in God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ. Ministry around baptism is also explicitly about church growth. At the beginning of every baptism service these words are said: “In baptism the Lord is adding to our number..” The research and resources aim to help churches deliver exactly that.

For more information visit:

From Evidence to Action

“A wonderful resource for PCCs and church leaders….helping us to
remain focused on mission and church growth”

From Evidence to Action has been developed using and building on the findings of the Church Growth Research Programme which was summarised in From Anecdote to Evidence, published in January 2014. The evidence provides an opportunity for the Church at all levels to respond and to consider what action may be needed to encourage growth.

Here you’ll find a guide to the findings and working materials based around some common factors which were found to be linked with growth. All the material on this site is designed to help those who want to reflect and act on these findings in whatever their context.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” Matthew 28:19


soul[food] is about offering people the opportunity to explore a variety of subjects in bite-sized thoughts sent straight to a phone or inbox.

Subscribers will receive an initial seven thoughts followed by an option to receive more.  or order soul[food] resources for your services

Growth Action Plan

A Growth Action Plan (GAP) is a method of helping the church to grow in your place

… in numbers  ... in discipleship  ... in evangelism ... in community engagement  ... in confidence.

And Jesus said to them...

‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.

Matthew 28:19-20a

How to start your own Growth Action Plan (pdf)

A link with the following info… “The Church Support Hub provides the latest information and practical resources to support key opportunities for ministry and mission within the Church of England’s occasional offices. This website explains how Church of England research has informed the production of new materials, now available on The Church Print Hub, enables clergy and other church staff to share ideas, thoughts and articles of interest, and provides a place to download related papers, ask questions and find answers.