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Training for Clergy and Lay Ministers

A menu of study days and residential training events is offered for all stages of ministry. Some of these are shown in the Events Calendar on the right of this page.

Continuing Ministerial Education and Training for Clergy

We work with the partners in our Regional Training Partnership (RTP) and other colleagues and offer a variety of courses, for example:

  • Incumbency skills
  • New posts
  • Leading into emotional maturity
  • Managing change
  • Theological reflection in ministry   
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Rural deans  

We also offer stand alone training courses throughout the year according to need and requests.

Funding for study and training

Some money is  available to support clergy wishing to pursue further study, with priority given to curates completing a first degree in theology started during pre-ordination training. Study grants are also offered by the All Churches Trust and the Women's Continuing Ministerial Education Trust. All applications for diocesan funding must be received by 1 April for grants during that academic year, and receipts must be presented by 15 December in order for the funds to be provided.

For details or to apply contact

Continuing Ministerial Development for Clergy

We work with clergy to help support them in their professional and personal development. That includes:

  • Following up on development needs that arise from the Ministerial Development Review process
  • Working with groups/individuals as appropriate to help them address personal and or ministry issues
  • Administering the sabbatical scheme, CMD grants, and applications for further education grants

Working well - Ministry Team / PCC training

Would you like to develop the strength and functioning of your leadership team,whether that’s a Ministry team or PCC or combined group of church leaders?

Many teams in the diocese have found the Gilmore-Fraleigh profile a helpful tool.

It helps groups to explore in a safe space the strengths of our individual styles, and how we can bring out the best in one another, in our everyday encounters.

In the midst of busy church lives, when we are working hard to nurture growth in a variety of ways, attending to our team relationships can get pushed down the agenda – until we begin to ‘miss’ one another in communication or find ourselves feeling increasingly frustrated or misunderstood. This is normal! But a G-F profile session can help in :

  • understanding and appreciating our different strengths and preferences
  • exploring how we each respond in calm and stressful situations
  • considering the potential pitfalls of our different styles
  • being able to share with others what we need in order to flourish
  • providing a common language for making the most of our team working together
  • deepening relationships through greater understanding and appreciation of one another

It’s also quite fun! The session is available to your team, in your parish, on a Saturday morning or afternoon.

For more details and to book, please contact : or 01604 887070


Bishop's clergy days

Bishop Donald invites all licensed clergy to an annual teaching and discussion day, usually in November. Invitations are sent out from the Bishop's Office in early Autumn.

Ministers' Conference

Every three years a week long conference is organised for licensed clergy and lay ministers in the diocese. The next conference will be held in 2020.

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