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Debt help

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If you are experiencing financial difficulty or know someone who is, in this challenging economic climate, then these websites may be able to help or point you in the right direction - A local example of this is the CMA Debt Advice Centre based at St. Andrew’s Church, Kettering.  Please feel free to contact for more information.

Care for the Family -, 029 2081 0800.
Various resources including the book ‘The Sixty Minute Debt Buster’ – if your finances feel a bit out of control, or you know you have to tackle your debts, this book can help you – or someone you know;

‘The Money Secret Adult Education Course’ – ten sessions to help people manage their finances;

‘Save Your Home’ – info to help people avoid repossession; 

‘Quidz In’ – to help parents teach their children about finances.

Money Saving Expert charity: Aims to fight financial and consumer illiteracy and is dedicated to informing adults and children about consumer and debt issues. Also makes grants to organizations which are offering courses to adults or children on these issues. So if you’re thinking of running ‘Quidz In’ (see Care for the Family above) you could get a grant towards the costs. If you’re interested in this project please contact

Community Money Advice – have launched a new guide to setting up a debt advice centre. Their website includes a map with info on centres across the country in order to learn from others:

Five Talents – the micro-finance initiative of the worldwide Anglican church. Aims to fight poverty in the developing world by creating jobs, through business training & small loans, and to develop local economies & encourage independence rather than dependency on loans. You can be involved in different ways: by receiving information; by hosting an event; participating in the UK or overseas; by a regular or one-off donation. For info: 0845 054 7525