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Faith in Society

All Christians are called to engage with their communities and be as living witnesses to Christ, continuing his Mission in the world. The range of activities and issues that Christians engage in is wide for they touch every aspect of modern life.

Please contact Roger Woods, Urban Support Officer, for more information on items in this section:

Roger Woods, Urban Support Officer, Bouverie Court, 6 The Lakes, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN4 7YD
01604 887053 (work) / 01604 599902 (home)

Can get in through the door, and will I be able to join in?

The diocesan Dis/Ab Team has begun a survey to find out how physically accessible our churches are.   

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Topical issues and links

We are called to be like yeast mixed into the very stuff of society around us. The issues that face our world are many, and Christ calls us to engage with them.

Accessible church

Christ welcomes all people, and His church tries to reflect that wherever possible in its welcome to people with different and specific needs.

Faith at work

Our Father in heaven is interested in all aspects of our life, not just the time that we spend in church each week. 

Debt help

This page gives lots of information about where to find help in dealing with debt.


Find out more about how the Church is involved in environmental projects, including the Nature Improvement Area in the Nene Valley. 


Everyday Faith

Everyday Faith is all about helping people to find and follow God in everyday life. At a national level, it is promoted through the 'Setting God’s People Free' initiative, which provides ideas, teaching and resources to help make a difference locally.

Some people from our diocese took part in an 'Inspiring Everyday Faith' webinar in March 2020. Their observations from this meeting can be found here.

Others from our diocese took part in a second webinar in June 2020. Their observations from this meeting can be found here, and useful web links are available here.