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At Work and In Work: Eyes to See God on Mondays

The 2018 Richard Beadon Lecture

given by Neil Hudson from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC)

Saturday 14 July 2018

Thrapston, St James, NN14 4NP

2.00pm to 5.15pm

Free and open to all.

Bring friends. Drinks and canapés. Hosted by Bishop John.

Please book so we know you are coming: or 01604 887049

From Genesis to Revelation, the main action in the Bible happens in the 'ordinary' spaces of peoples' lives. It's in the fields of farmers, in local government offices, in local businesses that people become alert to a new sense of what God is doing.

Is that possible for us? What would it look like and how could we help one another to become more aware of how God is at work and where he is at work with us? This has implications for us as individuals when we are alone, but also for us as churches when we gather.

In our time together we will try to explore both aspects of our Christian life.


Saturday 14 July 2018


2.00pm to 5.15pm


Thrapston, St James Church, NN14 4NP

Entry details:

Admission to the lecture, drinks and canapés are free of charge.


01604 887049


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