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Getting the Best out of People

The really useful guide to management & supervision of volunteers & staff

Speaker: Jason Royce is the Director of Souster Youth and has been learning to manage and supervise others for over 15 years in local authority, church, and charity settings.

Whilst the vital stuff of management is often squeezed out by many competing demands and high workloads of church leadership, doing it well can be transformational. Focussed and efficient supervision sessions with those you do ministry alongside can pay back tenfold the time you put in, helping your church to achieve far more. During this training we’ll also give you clear strategies for having difficult conversations and moving past blockages that often hold back progress when managing others.

We’ll cover: The who, what/how, when, where, and why of supervision; How to have a difficult conversation/manage conflict; Learning from others in the room as we share our experiences.


Wednesday 5 February 2020




Bouverie Court, Bedford Road, Northampton NN4 7YD