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Deanery Briefing Programme - Moving on from the Lockdown …. the Theological Perspective

After coping with the effects of being isolated and, for many, changes to their jobs and financial situation or new working practices there seems to be a shift in the way folk view life. There seems to be a greater appreciation of the things that make life worth living.

The Covid-19 restrictions and the resulting lockdown has both constrained and provided new opportunities for our mission and ministry. Many churches and deaneries have been creative in the way they have provided worship and ministry that has touched folk far beyond their parish or deanery.

  • How do we build on these relationships and what is that we can offer to make the most of these new opportunities?
  • What can we do to nurture these new contacts and continue to minister to our existing church communities in a post lockdown era?
  • What can we glean from scripture and then what practical steps can we take?
    Lindsay will reflect on the theological perspective of the responsibility to be agents for engagement with the communities we have touched and are touching as we emerge into a new era of our mission and ministry after the Covid-19 limitations.

There will be opportunity for questions and discussion with Lindsay.

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Wednesday 23 September 2020





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The National Deaneries Network