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Music for Mission and Ministry

Music for Mission and Ministry offers training for leaders of worship, both lay and ordained, and church musicians. The course uses a ‘blended learning’ approach over three days, combining tutor-led sessions, supporting online media and pdf handouts.

Led by Revd Helen Bent, RSCM Head of Ministerial Training in partnership with Praxis with Jonathan Robinson, RSCM Education Officer and Tutor for Music for Mission and Ministry

The course aims

  • to inspire your worship in fresh ways

  • to deepen your knowledge and understanding

  • to equip you for the future

  • to introduce you to new resources

The programme of eight sessions will cover

  • The role of music in Christian worship

  • Heritage from Judaism

  • The horns of several dilemmas, including challenges posed by Covid-19

  • A musical timeline from biblical times to present

  • Wise choices of resources

  • Parish management - how to cope with or without musicians

  • The shape of the new normal

  • Publications and copyright

The course is held in an attitude of worship and prayer, showcasing different styles and genres of music throughout the programme. We will worship together online but also signpost participants to examples of worship in a breadth of traditions and styles to prompt reflection and discussion.


Tuesday 29 September - Thursday 1 October 2020


11am - 1pm



Entry details:

£90 (RSCM members £75)

Organised by:

Sarah King


01722 424843