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Headteachers' Conference: Happiness, Wellbeing, Resilience, Growing and Flourishing

Happiness, Wellbeing, Resilience, Growing and Flourishing


Dr Bill Mitchell, a highly experienced clinical psychologist, whose clinical work is about rebuilding resilience in people who have been temporarily ‘de-railed’ by complex life events, will address the theme of ‘Wellbeing and resilience’, encompassing:

-     identifying personal pressures

-     recognising early signs of not coping

-     the physiology of mental fitness

-     having helpful conversations.

Richard Crellin will speak about the Children’s Society ‘Good Childhood’ report, which is a vital tool for measuring the happiness and well-being of the children and young people; it is the only report of its kind that actually asks the questions directly to children and young people, rather than to their parents and carers, and is used to inform government policy. Ian Soars will share with us the support that Fegans (a leading UK charity supporting vulnerable children and families) gives and why it is important.  Chris Whttington will lead experiential workshop you will be introduced to meditation in the Christian tradition as a simple but radically effective path to greater peace, wellbeing and community.  Through a series of short talks and periods of practice, we’ll explore:

-     forming a new relationship with life with all that offers us and throws at us

-     establishing peace in ourselves so we can be places of peace for those around us

-     taking what we have encountered out into our daily life and places of work.



Thursday 16 June 2022


9.15am - 3.00pm



Entry details:

Free for DBE Schools with a Gold SLA £132 for DBE Schools with a Silver SLA £198 for DBE Schools with a Bronze SLA £265 for all other Schools

Organised by:

education administrator


01604 887060


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