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A month of prayer for vocations

Asking the Lord

February is being set aside across the country as a month to pray for an increase in vocations of every kind: to discipleship, to ministry in daily life, service as a lay minister, in religious life or to ordained ministries.  Two prayer resources have been produced. 

  • One is a daily calendar –  Peterborough diocese is being prayed for on Sunday February 14th.  The daily prayer requests will be tweeted and posted on Facebook.
  • The other is a weekly personal devotional aid.   Why not distribute it to your congregation for their use in the week after February 14th?


We are encouraged to have seen an increase in vocations across our diocese in recent years and it is encouraging to see the wider Church picking up the baton as well.  If there is anyone you think might like to explore a vocation to an authorised ministry, whether lay or ordained, please do contact:



Asking the Lord - National

Asking the Lord - Individual


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