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Starting to explore

The process of exploring ordination takes time, to listen to God and be prepared and ready to follow him. Sometimes our first thoughts aren’t his final thoughts. But he loves it when we say to him “Lord here is my life, what do you want with it?” So make a start on the journey.


Take a look The Work of a Deacon and the Work of a Priest (pdf). Consider what draws you, excites you, worries you. Then try these first steps:


1.  When you pray, read your Bible, worship in Church ... talk to God about what is in your heart and mind. Ask him to impress particular scriptures upon you, and listen to the inner stirrings of your heart. If you keep a diary or a journal, keep a note of things that strike you


2.  Mention what you are thinking about to 2 or 3 people you know well and whom you could trust to give you really honest feedback without spoiling your friendship! How do they see you, your character, your gifts


3.  Talk to your vicar, and follow their advice about things you could do, read, experience, to keep exploring. They may suggest attending the Explore Day in November, a diocesan event which is designed to specifically help people reflect upon their calling 


When you and your vicar are ready, contact Revd Steve Benoy. Steve is the Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Director of Vocations and Formation, and it is his role to guide you through the next steps of the process.

Next EXPLORE DAY  Saturday 28th November 2020                          All Saints School, Northampton NN2 7AJ

An annual Vocations Conference helping people to explore how God how might be leading them in ministry.






we have a set of study modules open to any Christian wanting to know more about their faith.

Living Faith Modules