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Surely I’m too young?

Many, many people first sense a calling to ordination when they are young, certainly in their teens, and sometimes even younger. In times gone by, people would have been encouraged to put their calling to one side until they have ‘more experience of the real world’.


No more!  There is no better way to grow in an experience of the real world than the life of an ordained minister. And if the church is to reconnect with an emerging generation, we need ministers and priests to emerge from that generation.


It is true that ordination is a very significant commitment, and not one that should be rushed into. So we will still want some time to test that this calling is settled within you. Don’t worry that you may not have as much experience as someone twice your age. The Church is looking for potential, passion and perseverance, a willingness to grow in experience throughout training.


An excellent way to test out if ordination or some other ministry might be for you is to take a year working alongside a vicar and a parish. We have a well established programme called ECHO, part of the CHURCH OF ENGLAND MINISTRY EXPERIENCE SCHEME network. This is a fully funded year providing the opportunity to try different types of ministry, learn more about yourself and your faith, and be well supported by supervisors and other people exploring.






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 Ministry Experience Scheme