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Licensed Evangelist

Licensed Evangelists are people who are full of gratitude to God for the gift of faith they have received and who long for others to encounter God and find the love, mercy, joy and peace that comes from faith in Jesus.

Their gifts, experiences and training equip them to engage with people who do not yet have a personal relationship with God, and to enable and lead people in the Church to work together to make Christ known and draw others into his Kingdom.

The role of a Licensed Evangelist  will vary but it is likely to include work with some of the following:

Community groups: schools, pubs, clubs ... in fact any local group. The Evangelist might be a speaker who can put God’s viewpoint, or a trusted friend who draws people towards situations where they can explore the meaning and value of life.

Community networks: seizing opportunities to raise awareness of God’s viewpoint in the community - perhaps through leaflets in libraries and shops, through websites, in the press and media, or by a presence at community events.

The Church: inspiring and encouraging the leadership of the Church in the work of evangelism - building a team and a prayer support group for the work of evangelism.

Wider Networks: being aware of recently published books, films etc that speak of the nature of God and tell his story; having the discernment to know when these might be helpful to others.

Training days, retreats and events

Invitations to training days, retreats and events specfically for Licensed Evangelists in the diocese are normally sent direct, by email or letter from the Warden, whose contact details are on the right of this page.

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Licensed Evangelist



Warden of Licensed Evangelists
The Revd Melvyn Pereira


Co-ordinator of Training
The Revd Andrea Watkins