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Resources for children's work

Christmas resources 2021

Download a Christmas Nativity Trail resource here for you to use in your church community.

For supporting information for the Nativity Trail click here.



School Resources


Our focus, by looking through the lens of Growing Faith, is to grow in relationship with schools.  We are there to serve them in their focus to care for and educate children.  It is more than ‘just doing assemblies’.  It is all about blessing the schools with our presence. 

 This will come in many forms depending on who is in your church, and what they can offer.  Perhaps it is a ‘Happiness Afterschool Club’ that encourages ways to promote well-being, or a gardening club, or hearing readers, or starting an assembly club that shares their assemblies in school and then in church for the Sunday service, or supporting vulnerable families with food packages, or volunteering to be on the board of governors, or being an active member of the Friends of the school. It is by being known and part of the school that we are trusted, and faith can grow. 

Visit the Church of England Faith at Home web page for more information. 


How does our church make the initial contact with school?

Download a Guide to Contacting Schools here (pdf)


Making prayer spaces in school and home

Create interactive prayer spaces for children at school, and replicate in church so that the children recognize the same space in their local church. Find out more here 


Jumping Fish Publications support the links that can be forged between church and school.  These resources include: Experience Journeys – a way to share Christian faith stories through setting up the church building/outdoor space/school using multi-sensory activities, prayers and worship resources.
Access the resources here.


Filmed Assemblies

Use these films for free, adding your own personal message to the children or young people in your schools:


Assemblies made by Sam Higgins, Peterborough Youth Worker.








Films by Charlotte Nobbs of Bible stories & assemblies that can be topped &/tailed by your church team for your local school.








Download free Bible Story films on the Max7 website here


Examples of collective worship to inspire you:


Watch these examples of Collective Worship from Nat Stiles and Deborah Rush (Oakham)


Collective Worship videos on All Saint’s Church, Braunston by Nat White.








Fantastic Key Stage 2 collective worship sessions on Daniel for school and home with resources and how to use from Head Teacher of St Mary’s Kettering.  Access the Daniel Resource Pack here


Wonderful retelling of Bible story films but with a small fee:

Bible stories by Saddleback Kids (click here).

Tales from the Miracle book - not a free resource, but fun story-telling - these can be accessed here.

Linking from school to the classroom or home

Ideas for school to feed home to parents (or through an After School Club?) to further explore Bible stories, using Bible mats and other resources: click here for these resources  


Great ideas for shaping assemblies and for follow-up resources in class/at home. Access the resources here.

Creating prayer spaces in school that can be done at home. Access resources here


Planning Assemblies

Big start assemblies – some free samples, but need to pay a fee to download all the resources. Access the resources here


Very helpful Facebook group where people share videos, swap ideas for Collective Worship and assemblies, ideas and resources – visit the Facebook page here

Plans, prayers, music for creating patterns for collective worship (Good for church schools) Visit the Worship Workshop Website for resources here.


Schools Work UK – inspirational resources for preparing assemblies. Access the resources here


Good examples of secondary school assemblies by CROPS on YouTube. Watch the videos here 


Book resource - 10 minute assemblies for 4-11s – 50: themed assemblies for instant use, straightforward and easy to use with minimal preparation


Faith in kids has loads of ideas and resources. Access these here


Barnabas in schools have free resources to explore topics. Access the resources here


Flame Ministries has a great blog for ideas. Find out more here


Mental Health

50 Ways to feel happy 

A great book resource to build an after school club around well-being. 

Do contact the Gen2 team if you would like to join with some training.

Find out more on the Action for Happiness website here.





Transitions: Getting ready to move from primary to secondary school

Be inspired by these 3 Zoom sessions from Tove Benefice that show what can be done in 11 minutes!

Session 1 Changes

Session 2 Choices

Session 3 Challenges





Fabulous example of an end of summer term church services for Year 6’s moving up to secondary school that includes head teachers giving messages (from The Parishes of Eye, Newborough and Thorney)







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