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Foundation Governors

The Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) greatly values the ministry of  foundation governors  who support, challenge and encourage their church schools and work co-operatively with the other school governors under the responsibilities as set out in the school's Trust Deed.

The Board recognises that local governors bring good knowledge of the school's community and will seek nominations for new governors from the local parish and school. If you would like to apply to become a foundation governor, please see DBE policy below and complete an application form which can be downloaded here.

Training for Foundation Governors

The Board of Education offers regular training courses on topics such as the Roles and Responsibilities of a Church school governor, Collective Worship, RE, Denominational Inspections. These are usually run in two venues across the diocese: Bouverie Court, Northampton, and in a variety of church schools in the Peterborough / Rutland area.

Look at the Events Calendar on the right of this page to see events currently scheduled. 

Flying Governors

The Board of Education holds a list of serving governors willing to work on other church school governing bodies  for limited periods of time to address particular issues. Any current serving governors who feel that they have the time and particular expertise to undertake this role are asked to contact the Diocesan Director of Education.

Please note: curent regulations do not allow any governor to sit on the governing body of more than 2 schools at the same time.

Please note the DBE's policy for Foundation Governors

  • School staff (irrespective of the number of hours worked) cannot be appointed as Foundation governors
  • Spouses and partners should not be appointed to the same governing body
  • Governors should not be appointed to more than two governing bodies at any one time
  • Foundation Governors must attend a "Roles and Responsibilities of a Church School Governor" training course before they can be appointed, or re-appointed
  • Foundation Governors should consider attending Church school governor training as regularly as possible within their term of office; however they must have attended at least one session of Diocesan Church School training within their term of office to be eligible for re-appointment.


Please contact the Education office for further details.

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