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Safeguarding training update during COVID-19 restrictions

Our safeguarding training consists of:

  • Basic (C0) Safeguarding training available on-line
  • Foundation (C1) safeguarding training are still available on-line

For more details about this training please click here

  • Leadership (C2) training - normally delivered face-to-face by the DSA team

During COVID-19 restrictions , face-to-face training is not an option at the moment.  To address this the National Safeguarding Team (NST) have developed a Virtual Leadership (C2) training module, with new training material.  The NST training team have been preparing the DSA’s across the Dioceses to become familiar with the new material and also how to present a Zoom training session.

Dates have now been arranged for the Virtual Safeguarding Leadership (C2) training module to be delivered via Zoom. Some pre-work is required to be undertaken by participants prior to the training session.  To ensure that sufficient time is given for participants to complete the pre-work, you will need to put your name down for the training at least a week before the training date.  

Please don’t be alarmed as the pre-work consists of answering 4 questions and returning the answers prior to the training session and reading part of a case study in preparation

Once you have signed up to a training session and you haven’t received an email a week before the training date please check your Spam.

At the end of the training sessions participants will be sent a ‘Reflection and Learning Goals’ pro forma and anyone who attends who holds a Bishops License will also be asked to Reflect on Psalm 91.


Information from the NST: ‘The NST are aiming to move away from safeguarding training being seen as an event to attend an tick a box that it has been attended, to being seen as an ongoing journey of safeguarding learning’. 


Information from your DSA team: This is a new direction of travel being proposed by our NST regarding safeguarding training.  By us delivering the new training material we can then gain feedback of the strengths and areas of improvement, which we can then share with the NST.  This will help to shape how the future training will look.


If you feel anxious or troubled about the leadership training then please let
Bev Huff or Jasmine Silver know so she can speak with you about your concerns.