Whole Person Care

What is Whole Person Care?

Research has shown that healthcare professionals are able to recognised spiritual needs in their patients but in community settings there are very few people to whom patients can be referred for spiritual care.

Churches have traditionally provided solace and spiritual comfort to those in need but discussions with clergy and licensed lay leaders reveal that they receive little or no training in provision of spiritual care in the context of disease. 

Course Structure

The course is open to church leaders, lay or ordained. Each of the modules is interlinked, so you are asked to commit to all three days.

Two modules will be delivered on each day at Bouverie Court, Northampton, as follows:

Friday 24 May:    10am – 4pm

Module 1 – Concepts of health, wholeness and suffering

What do we mean by health?  Is this different to wellbeing? What does it mean to be whole? What does the Bible say about suffering?

Module 2 – Restoring the whole person

Understanding different perspectives on health and disease and how they interlink.


Friday 14 June:    10am – 4pm

Module 3 – Self-care:  looking after your own health and wellbeing

In order to flourish in ministry, self-care is essential.  This module will discuss how to maintain wellbeing whilst caring for others.

Module 4 – Caring for a congregation

Everyone in a congregation will be affected by ill-health at some point – this module will explore responses to this and equip participants to minister to individuals, congregation, and community at times of disease.


Friday 05 July:      10am – 4pm

Module 5 – Mental health

This module explores common mental health conditions and how to approach them, including when to refer to medical professionals.  It includes some simple psychological techniques that are helpful in conjunction with spiritual care.

Module 6 – End of life care

Facing the end of life can be daunting for the person who is dying but also the family and those caring for them.  This module will explain what to expect at the end of life and how to help people know by your presence you care.


To book, please contact lesley-anne.marriott@peterborough-diocese.org.uk







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