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The children and young people team is known as Gen2 – Generation to Generation, “one generation shall praise God’s works to another” (Psalm 145:4)

We want to encourage parishes in mission and ministry with all ages, with a special focus on children and young people, learning how to follow Jesus with them and from them as part of intergenerational church community. We’d love to hear from you.

We want it to become second nature to include and value children, young people, and households, in every aspect of church life for the lifelong formation of faith, in line with the Growing Faith  vision. 



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Ministry Experience Scheme

Aged 18-30? The Peterborough Diocese Ministry Experience Scheme (MES)  is a voluntary, flexible and action-packed internship year. 

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Training options in children and youth ministry...

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Join Our Network

Network with others in children and youth ministry by joining our hubs...

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Gen2 Project & Grants

A innovative funded project to reach more children and young people...

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Support and Resources

Resources to support you in your ministry with children and young people at church, home and school... 

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Outdoor Church

Join our Outdoor Church Network and more resources for exploring church outdoors...                                 

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A toolkit for to support you to keep children and young people safe in your church...                                 

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Simply Outside

Resources to help support our children and young people explore God's gift of Creation.                                 

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JOIN Resources

Would your church like to recruit more volunteers to lead children and young people? The JOIN resources offer a toolkit for churches to plan and run a successful recruitment campaign.                                 

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Contact the Team

Director of Children & Youth
Pete White 

01604 887044

Children's Mission Enabler
Charlotte Nobbs  

01604 887044


Louise Skinner 

01604 887063

Youth Mission Enabler
Chad Chadwick 

01604 887044

Gen 2 Project Co-ordinator
Monica Isaacs

01604 887045

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