New job roles to enable us to meet environmental targets

In 2021, the Diocesan Synod committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2030, aligning with the General Synod’s 2019 call to action. As part of this commitment we have adopted the national church's Route Map to Net Zero Carbon. 

Earlier this year, we successfully secured funding to employ dedicated resources to advance our work in this critical area. In collaboration with the Diocese of Leicester we are recruiting a Net Zero Carbon Programme Manager and a Fundraising Officer, initially for two years, to provide essential support to the Diocese and parishes as we embark on our journey to Net Zero Carbon. In the coming weeks we will also be recruiting a Net Zero Carbon Project Officer, again in collaboration with the Diocese of Leicester, to complete the team.  

Progress in reaching our commitment is mirrored across all teams working in the Diocese and our DAC office will be recruiting an environmental expert to assist parishes in improving and redesigning their churches, whilst our housing department is prioritising environmental considerations in their work on clergy housing.  

In the meantime, we are grateful for the ongoing efforts of all our parishes, particularly in completing the annual Energy Footprint Tool (EFT). This tool is a great way of monitoring your church building’s carbon usage and energy efficiency. It is simple to complete and your data can be submitted in a number of ways. Please do take the time to complete the EFT as it is an essential way for us to monitor our whole carbon footprint, and identifying which parishes could do with more assistance and support.  

As we continue on our journey to Net Zero, news and updates will be available on our website, please see our dedicated environement area with support and recourses and information on completing your Energy Footprint Tool.  

Further details on the Energy Footprint Tool can be found here. Need help? Watch this video to see how to complete your return.  

Details on the NZC Programme Manager role can be found here 

Details on the NZC Fundraising Officer can be found here 

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