Archdeaconries and Deaneries

Map of the Diocese of PeterboroughThe Diocese is divided into two Archdeaconries, Oakham in the north and Northampton in the south. There is an archdeacon who has oversight over each archdeaconry.  Click here to find out more about the work of archdeacons.

Each archdeaconry is then divided into six deaneries. A Deanery is a geographical area containing a number of neighbouring churches. The Rural Dean is the missional leader and pastor of a Deanery.  Rural Deans are generally also parish priests who have a specific responsibility for a church or group of churches in their deanery.  A Lay Chair assists the Rural Dean in their leadership of the deanery. 


Archdeaconry of Northampton


Brackley Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Matthew Robinson

Lay Chair: Sue Tresham


Brixworth Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Graeme Anderson

Lay Chair: Chris Banks


Daventry Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Stephen Burrow

Lay Chair: Elizabeth Taylor


Greater Northampton Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Oliver Coss

Assistant Rural Dean: The Revd Canon Jane Butler

Assistant Rural Dean: The Revd Jun Kim

Lay Chair: Clare Pearce


Towcester Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Canon Richard Stainer

Lay Chair: Sharron Bland


Wellingborough Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Jenny Bland

Assistant Rural Dean: The Revd Jackie Buck

Lay Chair: Tim Allebone


Archdeaconry of Oakham


Corby Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Kane Taylor

Lay Chair: Donna Winch


Higham Deanery

Rural Dean: Vacant

Lay Chair: Carolyn Wignall 


Kettering Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Nicki Hobbs

Assistant Rural Dean: The Revd Tom Houston

Lay Chair: Peter Jackson


Oundle Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Eddie Smith

Lay Chair: Emily Taylor


Peterborough Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Canon Michael Moore

Assistant Rural Dean: The Revd Jackie Bullen

Assistant Rural Dean: The Revd Gary Alderson 

Lay Chair: Frank Smith


Rutland Deanery

Rural Dean: The Revd Canon Jane Baxter

Lay Chair: Sue Cross

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