CofE National Safeguarding Practice Guidance

Church of England National Safeguarding Practice Guidance

Below you will find links to more detailed written guidance on various safeguarding topics.

Practice Guidance

Parish Safeguarding Handbook

Key roles and responsibilities of church office holders and bodies practice guidance (2017)

Safeguarding Records Retention

Responding Well

Responding to Safeguarding Concerns or Allegations that relate to Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults practice guidance (2018)

Responding to, assessing and managing concerns or allegations against church officers practice guidance (2017)

Responding well to domestic abuse practice guidance (2017)

Responding well to those who have been sexually abused practice guidance (2011)

Safer Recruitment

Safer recruitment practice guidance (2016)

Safer Recruitment – Permission to Officiate


Training and development practice guidance (2019)

Serious Incident Reporting

Guidance for DBFs: Identifying Safeguarding Serious Incidents and Reporting to the Charity Commission (2021)

Guidance for PCCs: Identifying Safeguarding Serious Incidents and them to Reporting to the Charity Commission (2021)

Practical guidance: How to make a Safeguarding Serious Incident report to the Charity Commission (2019)

PCC Example Template Delegations (2021)

DBF Example Template Delegations (2021)

Serious Incident Reporting to the Charity Commission FAQs (2021)


Safeguarding (Clergy Risk Assessment) Regulations (2016)

Diocesan Safeguarding Advisors Regulations (2016)

Other Key Guidance 

Glossary reference document (2017)

The Gospel, Sexual Abuse and the Church - A theological resource for the local church

Joint Practice Guidance

Safeguarding records: joint practice guidance for the Church of England and the Methodist Church (2015)

Safeguarding joint practice guidance for single congregation Local Ecumenical Partnerships (2015)

Safeguarding in religious communities (2020)

Policy Statements

Promoting a Safer Church; House of Bishops policy statement (2017)

Protecting All God's Children (safeguarding policy for children and young people, 4th edition, 2010)

Promoting a Safe Church (safeguarding policy for adults, 2006)

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