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Bishop’s Management Group letters are sent approximately once a month to the clergy, churchwardens, lay ministers, diocesan and cathedral staff, they are included in your monthly Peterborough Diocesan News distribution. 

They are mainly informative, may include policy announcements, or raise discussion on strategic and longer-term issues. Here is the most recent letter, earlier letters are linked below. 


BISHOP’S LETTER 17                                                                                                              15 May 2024 




Dear Friends

As I write this letter for PDN I am walking, well actually I am sat on a bench on the Three Shires Way having just had lunch, but I am walking as part of the Thy Kingdom Come Pilgrimage around the Diocese.  

It has been an absolute privilege to walk half of the boundary of our Diocese, Charlie Nobbs and his team walking the other half. It’s been really good to visit the, mostly villages, that are on the edge. So often we use that phrase negatively, but there is something very special about being on the edge; in the liminal spaces, on the frontier.  It’s very different from being in the centre.  It’s been a privilege to meet those people who live here and to see what God is doing at the very edges.   

But there is also the time I have spent walking in between the places, the spaces between one village and another and it’s made me reflect on how well we use the space between one thing and another. In fact is there space between one thing and another? Sometimes I wonder if we fill everything so tight, we are so busy doing, that there is no time between to think or reflect, to pray and to listen. So as I walk about the edges of our Diocese, aware of God at work, I’m challenged to make sure there are spaces in between in which God can speak and work, and we can listen and join in.  

With best wishes

The Venerable Alison Booker 

Archdeacon of Oakham 



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