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Further reading 

Below is a selection of some books that many have found helpful as initial reading.

A longer Reading List (pdf) includes many that can be found in the Diocesan Library at Bouverie Court, 6 The Lakes, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN4 7YD.
This is also where the DDO, Haydon Spenceley is based.

ON VOCATION How to Find your Vocation by John Adair
Four Ministries, one Jesus by Richard Burridge
This is our Calling by Charles Richardson
ON ORDAINED MINISTRY Being a Priest Today by Christopher Cocksworth & Rosalind Brown  
Ministry in Three Dimensions by Steven Croft
The Life and Work of a Priest by John Pritchard
The Christian Priest Today by Michael Ramsey
The Widening Circle by Graham Tomlin
ON ANGLICANISM Anglicanism: A Very Short Introduction by Mark Chapman 
How to be an Anglican by Richard Giles 
Being Anglican by Alastair Redfern 
All Things Anglican by Marcus Throup
ON SPIRITUALITY God of Surprises by Gerard Hughes 
Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster
In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen
Being Christian by Rowan Williams
ON BIBLICAL STUDIES Introducing the Bible by J Drane
Introduction to Biblical Studies by S Moyise
ON CHRISTIAN FAITH AND THEOLOGY The Essence of Christianity by Brian Hebblethwaite
Café Theology by Michael Lloyd
Christianity: A Short Introduction by Keith Ward
ON LITURGY AND WORSHIP Holy, Holy, Holy: Worshipping the Trinitarian God by Christopher Cocksworth
Creating Uncommon Worship by Richard Giles
ON MISSION AND EVANGELISM From the Abundance of the Heart by Steven Cottrell
Mission-Shaped Church from Mission and Public Affairs unit of General Synod
The Provocative Church by Graham Tomlin
ON SELF-KNOWLEDGE AND PASTORAL REALTIONSHIPS Knowing Me Knowing You by Malcolm Goldsmith & Martin Wharton
Still Small Voice by Michael Jacobs
ON RELIGIOUS LIFE Unveiled: Nuns Talking by Mary Loudon
Sing a New Song: The Christian Vocation by Timothy Radcliffe, OP



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