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Admission Appeals Further Information


The Governing body of a Voluntary Aided School or Academy is the Admission Authority for the school and is therefore responsible for all admissions and admissions procedures.

If a year group is oversubscribed - that is, there are more applications than places available- the Governing Body will apply the admissions criteria from the Admissions Policy, allocting places up to their Published Admission Number.

Parents/ legal guardians of those refused places are then entitled to appeal against the Governing Body's decision


Appeals are heard by an independent Appeals Panel. A decision is made by this Panel whether to offer a place at the school and is binding on the Admission Authority and the parent / legal guardian.

Accepting a place at an alternative school does not affect your right of appeal.

Additional Information

The paper entitled "Admission Appeals - Guidance Notes for Parents" is available to download by clicking here. It outlines the steps in the Admission Appeals process.

If you are appealing for a place for your child in an "Infant" class that has 30 pupils, you will need to have read the "Infant Class Size Supplimentary Information" paper which can be downloaded here.