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In order for training to be viable a minimum of 8 people need to sign up for the training.

If it is less than 8 then the training will be cancelled with two days notice.

Please ensure that you register your attendance so that we can manage this effectively – thank you

If you need a bigger font for the handouts, or if you have any other requirements then do please let us know





Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. This ‘What to do if’ section is to assist you in some of the safeguarding situations you might encounter.





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Safeguarding contacts

Find the contacts you need here.


In the Peterborough Diocese we take safeguarding children and vulnerable adults very seriously.


Independent audit

Safeguarding arrangements in the Diocese of Peterborough underwent independent audit from 23 to 25 February 2016. The audit report is available to view online, along with a diocesan action plan responding to the auditors' recommendations.

 Find it here.




Safer Church

Safer Church safeguarding resource for all in our diocese who have a Bishop’s Licence or Permission to Officiate, or who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults in our churches. Safeguarding Essentials include:




Find out about the safeguarding that is offered in our diocese.

Safeguarding Awareness Video

Safeguarding is a priority for The Diocese of Peterborough. Have a look at this video and hear from a number of our staff members as they explain why safeguarding is so important and so fundamental to our mission.

Safeguarding newsletter

Keep up to date with news of the latest government requirements for safeguarding and training opportunities in the diocese.

Safeguarding policies

Access our diocesan and Church of England’s national policies on Safeguarding in relation to children, adults and domestic violence, together with guidance on how to respond to those who have been sexually abused.

Annual Report 2017

This report was produced by Beverly Huff, Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, January 2018

 Find it here.


Previous Reports

Annual Report 2016